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Sent By: PS Chunnu  Details..

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Sent By: PS Chunnu  Details..



Mohammed A Razzaque Ph.D. is currently teaching at UNSW. Archives...

Dilruba Shahana lives in Melbourne. Archives...

Ekushe Boi Mela-2006, Ashfield Park

PROGRAM, 19 February 2006

Celebration of Swarasati Puja in Sydney



On the 4th of Feb 2006, Bangladesh Society for Puja and Culture (BSPC) at DunDas Community Center and Bangladesh Puja Association Australia(BPAA) at Marys Parish Hall Rydalmere celebrated their Saraswati Puja.  The Bangladeshi Hindu community observes the festival on a grand scale in each year in Sydney. 

Photos (BSPC)...  Photos(BPAA)...

New website in Bangladesh

A new book ‘Aapon Ainay Ekattor’ by Shafiq Ullah, a prominent freedom fighter and sub-sector commander, has been published recently (December 2005) by Agamee Prakashani, Dhaka. It captures many known and unknown events of our freedom struggle. The book painstakingly, and with courage and honesty, chronicles the historical perspectives and narrates numerous events of the liberation war leading to sovereign Bangladesh. It is an auto-biographical and eyewitness account of a dedicated freedom fighter, a memoir based on his observations, insights with untold stories on how the war was fought and won, and rare photos and illustrations.  See more….


Poem 1...   Poem 2...  Archives...

Dr. Qaiyum Parvez is an academic of the University of Western Sydney. Archives...  PDF...  Non PDF...

Sent By: Masud Chaudhury

Sent By: Zia Ahmed. Details...

The above book has just been written by Mr. Rajat Pandit and published by Ira Prokashni. He is permanently living in Sydney. The book contains 17 short stories, which are enjoyable to read. Mr. Rajat continues to write more books in near future. This book is now available in different Bangladesh shops in Sydney and also will be available on the 19th Feb 2006, at Ekushe Boi-mela

Sent By: Abdul Jalil   Deatails...

Dr. Golam Kibria  is a Senior Environmental Scientist with the Australia’s largest Rural Water Authority and based in Victoria  


Bangladeshi student ( Zahid Reza Khan) died of a car accident at Marrickville last night(Feb 1, 2006). Innalilla..........He was studying at UNSW and living at Hillsdale and sadly he was supposed to go to Bdeshi this Saturday. Zahid's friends are  trying to send the dead body to Bangladesh soon once the post-mortem is done. Zahid was an ex-cadet from Mirzapur Cadet College (MCC), who passed HSC in year 2000. Pls do pray for the departed soul. Find below the news about the accident at the www.news.com.au  Sent By: Nawshad Sha

Sent By: Helal Morshedi

Sent By: Mohammed Fahimul Islam, 2nd Secretary, Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra

Sent By: Zia Ahmed


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Dr. Qaiyum Parvez is an academic of the University of Western Sydney.

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Abed Chaudhury

Dr. Qaiyum Parvez

Dr. Mohammed A Razzaque

Dilruba Shana

 Dr. Golam Kibria




























































































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