What is PROBASY?

PROBASY is the abbreviation of PROJONMO BANGLADESH SYDNEY. PROBASY is a charity organisation helping raise funds for acid victims in Bangladesh.

OUR Objective:     To Satisfy the All Mighty Allah/God.

OUR Aim:                  To financially help in the rehabilitation of acid victims in Bangladesh.

Movement:               A famous daily newspaper in Bangladesh named “Prothom–Alo” has created an organization called “Prothom Alo Shahaoik Tohobil”. They have been raising money for the rehabilitation of acid victims in Bangladesh. They have been helping and supporting acid victims, mentally, socially and financially. Projonmo Bangladesh Sydney  “Probasy” has been working in Sydney as a supporting organization since June 2001. The young members of Probasy have been raising funds in all different occasions in Sydney. We collect funds by putting stalls on at different Bangladeshi fairs around Sydney and by organizing Qurbani each year where one third of the money for the meat is donated to our fund. With your help we will succeed one day and reduce the numbers of acid victims in Bangladesh and help cure those who are suffering.


Who's invovled?

PROBASY members are all girls from the age of 16 up. We are all working to make a difference in our mother land.

When and how it all began?

    In June 2001, SSC graduates from Vikarun Nessa Nun High School in Bangladesh raised money for the acid victims in Bangladesh. A article was written by Prothom Alo and was on Prothom Alo's website. We came across this article and wondered we are much more fortunate than some girls in Bangladesh, and if they are able to do such a good deed for our country why can't we play a roll in making Bangladesh a better place. In Sydney there are many culture programs through out the year, so we decided to hold stalls at these various functions. Our first ever stall was on the 24 August 2001, at the Bongobondhu Parishad Australia's Bongobondhu Shok Dibosh where we raised AU$200 for the fund.


What have we done so far?

August 2001-   
Held a Jhal Moori stall at  Bongobondhu Parishad Australia's Bongobondhu Shok Dibosh where we raised AU$200 for the fund.     

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September, 2001-
Our second stall was held at the 5th Birthday of PROBAHO a very well known monthly magazine in sydney.
October, 2001-
Again we held a Jhal Moori Stall, this  time at the three day Shangskrithik Shomelon in Burwood Girls High School, Sydney.
February, 2002-
Our biggest stall was held at Ekushey Academy's annual Boi Mela at Ashfield park. There we rasied AU$560. Since then people in Sydney began to know and regognize what we are doing, and also have encouraged us to continue.

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Qurbani, 2002-
We then decided to raise funds through Qurbani. We did this by organizing Qurbani and selling one third of meet and collect that money for our fund. This is how most of our profits are collected, in 2002 we raised AU$1925.
November 2002-
At the end of 2002 we one of our members went to Bangladesh to donate the fund we had collected to the Prothom Alo Shahoik Tohobil. Our total fund for 2002 was one lakh ten hajar taka. In 2002 PROBASY was the second highest donator to the Prothom Alo Shahaoik Tohobil.
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February 2003-
We held another stall at Ekushey Academy's Boi Mela, this year raising up to AU$780. By know we decided to have stalls at Boi Mela every year.
Qurbani 2003-
Qurbani was a big one too. With more clients and better organization we raised AU$
December 2003-
The time for donation again, and another one of our members went to Bangladesh. This Time taking one lakh 18 hajar taka.
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February 2004-
Boi Mela stall again this time raising AU$
Qurbani 2004-
We raised AU$
August 2004-
Bangladesh was hit by devastating floods. PROBASY came up with the idea of raising money for the flood effected in Bangladesh. We decided to sell Cadbury Fundraiser Chocolates. Around 30 Bengali teenagers helped to raise funds by selling Cadbury chocolate boxes. We successfully raised One lakh taka for the flood affected. This money was taken to Nilfamari and distributed among 22 families.
November 2004-
Another one of our members took the fund to Bangladesh this time. We donated One lakh sixty hajar taka for the acid victims and one lakh taka for the flood affected. The fund for the flood affect was used to buy eight cows, nine bundles of tin with 1000 taka each, three sewing machines, one van, one wheel chair and winter clothing for an orphanage were distributed among 22 families in the village Jharshinghershor, Union Parishod- Purbosatnai, Upajila Dimla, District Nilfamari. This was organised by reporters of Prothom Alo, TNO of Dimla and ADC General of Nilfamari.      
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Pictures of distribution in NILFAMARI
Prothom Alo acknowledges our work for acid victims
Prothom Alo acknowledges our work for flood victims
Prothom Alo acknowledges what we have done so far