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 24 year old man, born with a disability. He hops on to the back of passing bike riders and pays for his journey. Then arrives at houses that need a Arabic tutor. He himself is not well educated but he is a Hafez and has memorized half the Quran. With the money he earns most of it is spent on bike rides and the end of each month he is only left with 30 taka, that is less than one Australian Dollar. With our fund money we have built him a customized wheel chair in which he can drive to places for tutoring an also the money he would spend on the bike rides. 

   We bout eight cows here is one cow being distrubuted.

    Another cow being distributed by the ADC general of Nilfamari (right)

  Cow being distrubuted by the TNO of Dimla (right)

Sewing machine being giving to a lady by the mayor of Jharshingershong (left) and the TNO of Dimla (right)

There was alot of people who came to see the function

The people who recieved eight cows, nine bundles of tin with 1000 taka each, three sewing machines, one van and one wheel chair all lined up for a group photo.

Another group photo was taken.