The Role of Prothom Alo Shahaoik Tohobil:

This newspaper has always been helpful in raising public awareness of the acid violence issue by publishing articles, feature articles and statistics.  The Prothom Alo Shahaoik Tohobil was established on 19th April 2000 with the aim of providing medical support and rehabilitation for victims of acid attacks as well as provides legal help.  There have also been efforts in order to prevent incidents.

Areas in which the money is used:

 ?       Rehabilitation provided for helpless and economically deprived women. They are given a shop or a cow in order to give them a chance to earn a living.  Land may also be donated to people and houses build for them. 

?       Medical Assistance 500,000 taka ($11, 900 Aus) has been used for the medical treatment of 40 women in 2002.

?       Donation to Burn Unit- Prothom Alo gave 40, 000 taka ($1000 Aus) to the Dhaka Medical College burn unit.

?       Open debates- organized by Prothom Alo enabling intellectuals, government officials and social workers to voice their concerns and solutions to the problem.

?       They hold rallies and charity auction as well as exhibitions to raise public awareness and funds for the victims.

    According to the Acid Survivors Foundation, the number of acid attacks jumped 50 percent in 2001; of the 338 attacks registered throughout Bangladesh the year before, the majorities were carried out against women fleeing arranged marriages.