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The Sun-Herald City to Surf 2005

This year marks the 35th anniversary of The Sun-Herald City to Surf.
You can expect it to be an exciting year for Australia's greatest
community fun run.In 2005 two new changes will be introduced to The Sun-Herald City to Surf. The race will start at the earlier time of 9.30am on the 14th August 2005 and due to the narrowing of William Street it has beendecided to divide The Sun-Herald Start (previously known as Group A)into two separate starts. Details...

-Nawshad Shah

Postcolonial light on three Bengali playtexts

There is no full-length investigation of postcoloniality in Bangladeshi Bengali literature. This is partly because Bangladesh had no separate identity under colonial rule, being just another part of greater India.Then at partition, it became one section of the unnatural union that was Pakistan. These two identities have kept Bangladesh as a relatively unknown domain, at least to the Western academy. The other reason in the context of literary postcolonial studies is that these have concentrated on writing in English, whereas Bangladeshi literature is almost completely in the national language. This study offers a discussion of the postcoloniality of contemporary Bangladeshi theatre via analysis of selected playtexts. You are invited to visit the following website:
-Khairul Haque Chowdhury, khairul@uow.edu.au

Thanks for ur generous contribution. Our total collection from Australia now exceed $6500.00 and increasing every moment now. We r trying to double it by transferring the total amount to Microsoft office in USA, where they have announced to DOUBLE the amount collected from employee. Will let everyone know once it's done.  Prothom-Alo  Details...


Activities in Darus Salam Mosque Sefton

Organized by Bangladesh Islamic centre. Details...

Bangladesh Association of NSW Inc. Date: July 30, Time: 7:30PM

Date & Time: 6 August, 6:30 PM

Venue: Harvey Lowe Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground


An Array of Environmental Problems Threaten  Bangladesh: Contamination of drinking water; the level of arsenic is more than 500 percent of the WHO recommended safe mark for over 80 million people. Desertification of large parts of the country due to construction of dams and barrages upstream in India.  Sea Level rise and the prospect of large-scale inundation. Air pollution in urban areas, periodical flooding,  pollution of rivers, the destruction of forests and wetlands. Details...

Bangladesh Environmental Seminar Report at Canberra...

Professor Nazrul Islam's visit in Melbourne and seminar...

Sent by: Kamrul Ahsan Khan






Listen a Modern Bangla Song  By Al Mamoon


On the 20th August, 2005, the Bangabandhu Parishad Australia will remember ‘Jatio Shok Dibosh’. Details...

-Dr. Qaiyum Parvez & Dr. Nurur Rahman

 Sent by: Bangladesh High Commission, Canberra. Details...

Bangladesh High Commissioner Meets With Media Representatives

On 3rd of July 2005, Bangladesh High Commissioner invited media representatives from both Sydney and Canberra for a friendly exchange of views on promoting Bangladesh in Australia. The High Commissioner H.E. Ashraf-ud-doula, delivered a speech, to read it, click on the link at the bottom of this article. The High Commissioner then asked each media representative to give a short speech of approximately 3 minutes. A short singing function was held after the meeting. This was then followed by lunch which was served at the High Commissioner’s residence. Photos... High Commissioner's Speech...

Your generous support and donation can save a young and brilliant student of Bangladesh. Details... Prothom-Alo

Sent By: Nawshad Shah

Dilruba Shahana lives in Melbourne.


Sent by: Helal Morshedi           Details...

Campbelltown Bangla School Open Competition


Campbelltown Bangla School Open Competition for Children was held on the 26th Jun 2005, Sunday at Ingleburn Primary School. Many kids participated in this competition where they had a chance to participate and show their pride of the occasion through art, poetry recitation and story telling.

Report Sent by: Abdul Jalil     Reports...     Photos..  

New Executive Committee of  Bangladesh Society for Puja and Culture Inc.-2005. Details...

Sent by: Nirmal Chakraborty

A Musical Night With Fauzia Khan


A ghorua srotar ashor was held in honour of the famous singer, Fauzia Khan, at Sirajus Salekin’s residence. Many people came to the evening and enjoyed the night. After dinner, there was a music session in which Protity sang some chorus and solos. Fauzia Khan sang some famous songs from the old days. Photos...


HANIF SHANKET concert at Sydney Town Hall on 28th August 2005, Details will be announced soon by " The Australian Association for Bangla Institute of Culture" Details...

On Sunday, the 19th of June, 2005, Ekushe Academy reunion-2005 held at Summer Hill Community Centre, Ashfield. There was a discussion about the International Mother Language Monument. Lunch was served which was then followed by a cultural function.


Please sign the signature campaign to promote and support the initiative to bring back the honourable remains of Late Bir Shrestho Flight Lieutenant Matiur Rahman from Masroor Air Force Base in Pakistan.
The online petition is available here:








Rahman, (Bir Srestha) Matiur (1941-1971)

Sent By: Kamrul Ahsan Khan

Relevant Article By Dr. Qaiyum Parvez at Bangla-sydney.com

The Qantas A.R. Rahman 3rd Dimension Tour 2005-Sydney


CHARINDAA's 2005 debut event is an Australian concert tour by A.R. Rahman accompanied by celebrated singers Hariharan, Chitra, Sadhana Sargam, Shankar Mahadevan, Alka Yagnik, Blaaze, Madhushree and Kailesh Kher. 

Date & Time: 17 Sep 2005, 7:00 PM

Venue: Sydney SuperDome, NSW Sydney Seating


Dr. Qaiyum Parvez is an academic of the University of Western Sydney.


Sent by: Nirmal Chakraborty 

Abed Chaudhury is a scientist and writer who currently lives in Canberra. E-mail: abed@kanihati.com More poems


 An initiative has been taken to organise a grand Reunion of all Ex_Cadets from the various Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh living in NSW/ACT in Sept/Oct. 2005


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Abed Chaudhury

Dr. Qaiyum Parvez

Dr. Mohammed A Razzaque
















































































































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