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Teaching :

Dhaka University, lectured in the Department of Economics since 1982. As a lecturer from 1982 to 1988, as an assistant professor from 1988 to 1994, on study leave for PH.D. Research from 1994 to 1996, join again and working as an associate professor from 1997 to 2001. Now working as professor since 3rd june 2001. 

Also taught ?Micro Economics? for one semester (1999 Fall) in the Department of Finance and Economics, in the University of New Orleans,Louisiana, USA 


1) .Has been engaged as a research consultant by UNDP in 2002 to review all its developmental projects in Bangladesh in order to find out the MACRO-MICRO linkages. 
2) Has been engaged by the UNDP, New York, in 1999 to write a background paper for the HDR: 2000. 
3) Has been engaged by the Metropolitan chamber of Commerce to write a research paper on the issue of ?TRANSIT?. 

4) Has been engaged in two research projects on ?Privatization in Bangladesh? and ?The Problems of Governance in Bangladesh? in the Center of Policy Dialogue (CPD), Dhaka, under the direction of Professor Rehman Sobhan, from 1996 to 1998. 

5) Has carried out PH.D. research at the International Research Institute (IRRI), Social Science Division under the guidance of Dr. Mahabub Hossain, Head Social Science Division, IRRI for two years with a study leave from the University of Dhaka fro 1994 to 1996. 

6) Has worked as a member of a core research team for one and a half year (1989 - 19900) at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies in a cross country international research project on ?Differential Impact Study of HYV Technology? (DIS) sponsored by IRRI and guided by Professor Yujiro Hyami. 

7) Has served as a research consultant To the ?Agricultural Taxation Study Project?, jointly sponsored by BIDS and Planning Commission of Bangladesh during 1984-85. 


1) Worked as a member of the editorial team of the ?Agrarian Commission Report? in the Agrarian Commission appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. 

2) Member of the advisory panel of the current government on ?The State of Agricultural Statistics in Bangladesh?. 

3) Has worked in the capacity of a member of the ?Task Force? on ?The Role of the Political Parties in The Process of Development?, commissioned by the planning Minister of the interim government of the People?s Republic of Bangladesh led by President Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed. 


Books [selected] 
1) Reform of State Owned Enterprises And Privatization, edited and Co-authored by Rehman Sobhan, M.M. Akash and Tanveer Akram, 1998, Pathok Somabesh and CPD, Dhaka. 

2) The Development of Bangladesh: A Historical Perspective and Future Potentiality (In Bengali), M.M. Akash, Samaj Nirikhon Kendra, Dhaka, 1991. 

3) The Language Movement: It?s Class Basis and Political Trends (In Bengali), M.M. Akash, 1990, University Publication Ltd, Dhaka, 1990. 

Articles [selected] 

1)M.M. Akash, ?Agricultural Sector: On the yhreshold of the twenty-first century?, in Bangladesh:On the tThreshold of The Twenty-First Century, (Ed. A.M. Chowdhury and Fakhrul Alam), Asiatic Society Of Bangladesh, Dhaka, 2002. 

2) M.M. Akash, A Meso Level Review of The South Asia Poverty Alleviation Project:Bangladesh Component, UNDP, Dhaka, 2001 ( This research work was done as a part of an international cross country review of the different regional programmes of poverty alleviation through social mobilization of the poor, sponsored by Independent South Asian Commission on Poverty Alleviation and financed by UNDP) 

3) M.M. Akash, ?Right based approach to human development and land right?, A background paper for the ?Human Development Report: 2000 , UNDP, New York, (published in the Web Site of UNDP). 

4) M.M. Akash (Forthcoming) ?Poverty And Merginalisation In Bangladesh: Potentials for Instability?, presented at the third working session of the National Seminar on ?National Security of Bangladesh in the twenty-first Century?, organized by BIISS, Dhaka, from 29th November to 30th November 1998. 

5) M.M. Akash, (Forthcoming) ?Privatization And It?s Implications For Labour Relations : Bangladesh Experience?, Presented at a National Seminar organized by ILO, Dhaka, 1998. 

6) M.M. Akash, Bureaucrats in Bangladesh (BIB) : A Review, in Rehman Sobhan et.al. (ed), CPD Monograph-2 on Governance and Development, Dhaka, 1998. 

7) M.M. Akash ?Agriculture (Sector Overview)? in Philip Gain (ed), Bangladesh Environment: Facing the 21st Century?, SEHD, Dhaka, 1998 

8) M.M. Akash, ?Governance and Development?, in Rehman Sobhan (ed) Crisis in Governance: a review of Bangladesh?s Development 1997, University Press Ltd., 1998, Dhaka. 

9) M.M. Akash and Mahabub Hossain, Rural Public Works For Relief and Development: A Review of Bangladesh Experience, Working Paper On Food Subsidies, No.7, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, USA,1993. 

10) M.M. Akash along with Mahabub Hossain, Abul Quashem and M.A. Jabbar, ? 
?Production Environment, Modern Variety Adoption, and Income Distribution in Bangladesh?, in Cristina C. David and Keijiro Otsuka (Eds) Modern Rice Technology and Income Distribution in Asia, Lynne Rienner Publishers and Boulder and London, 1993. 

11) M.M. Akash, ?General Economic Conditions During Pakistan Period? in Sirajul Islam (ed) History of Bangladesh: 1704 to 1971, Vol: Two, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, Dhaka, 1992. 

12) M.M. Akash along with Dr. Najma Chowdhury, Anu Mohammad, Mahmud Hassan and Ahmed Kamal, ?The Role of Political Parties In the Development Process? , Report of the Task Forces on Bangladesh Development Strategies For 1990?s, Vol: Two, University Publishing Limited, Dhaka, 1991. 

11) M.M. Akash, ?The Economy of Bangladesh?, (Translated Into German Language) in Twenty Years of Bangladesh, South Asian Bureau, Dortmund, Germany, 1991. 

12) M.M. Akash along with Mahabub Hossain and Atiur Rahman, Agricultural Taxation In Bangladesh , (Research Monograph), BIDS, 1985. 

13) M.M. Akash, ?Agricultural Credit Reform in Bangladesh: Lessons to be relearnt?, The Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol:8, No. Two, December, 1985. 

14) M.M. Akash and Quazi Kholikuzaman Ahmed, ?Economic Policy of The Government of Bangladesh : A Critical Review? in Development Dialogue, 1983: One, Dhaka. 

* Besides, numerous Articles in Bengali have also been published in many books, journals and daily newspapers. 

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