"Rabeya" (The sister)  screening:

Beedesh Bangla TV is a not-profit organisation producing news, documentaries, songs and upholding the cultural identity of Bangladesh through broadcasting in a community channel, TVS, for the Bangladeshi's residing in Sydney. They organised the screening of movie "Rabeya" (The Sister) on the 11th July 2010 at Civic Theatre, Husrtville. The movie is a story based on the courage shown by a girl for her dead brother during the independence war. The famous cinema director, Tanvir Mokammel, was present and gave a short speech about the movie and his experiences whilst making it. This famous director has made five full-length feature films and twelve documentaries and received national and international awards . I found him to be extremely polite, soft spoken humble person. (http://tanvirmokammel.com/home/)






Beedesh Bangla Director Mr. Rahmat Ullah handing over a crest to famous movie maker Mr. Tanvir Mokammel










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