Bangla Prosar Committee


Bangla Competition for School Students 2005

Bangla Proshar Committee has organized a competition for Bangla Recitation, Writing, Story Telling and Debate for school students of K-10.

Venue: Matraville Public School,

Cnr Bunnerong Road and Beauchamp Road, Hillsdale

 Date: 13 November 2005, Sunday, 12:30pm – 4:30pm

(There will be BBQ Lunch for everybody)

Competition Items:


Recitation of Rhyme/Poem (open):         Group A (K-2) and

Group B (Yr3-5)


Story Telling:                                           Group C (Yr6-8)


Debate:                                                     Group D (Yr9-10)

Topic: “Australiai Amader Bangla Sikkher Proyozon Nai”

(Please indicate whether you would like to participate as ‘FOR’ or ‘AGAINST’ the topic when you submit your name).


Writing:                                                    Group A (K-2) (Bangla Alphabets) and

Group B (Yr3-5) (Bangla Words or Short Sentences)


Paragraph Writing:                                  Group C (Yr6-8) (open, 60 words)


Essay Writing:                                         Group D (Yr9-10)
Topic: Amader (Our) School (150 – 200 words)

Closing date for submission of essay: 29th October

(Please post to Maksudul Bari so that it reaches by the closing date)


To participate please contact by 10 November:

Abdul Jalil T.9618 6131, M.0422 344 937                                                   Maksudul Bari T.9553 0972, M.0411 083 292

Farouk Iqbal T.9682 4446, M.0411 842 000                                               Swapan Paul T.9863 7377, M.0417 047 914

Fazlur Rahman T.9311 0163                                                                        Fida Haq T.9872 1279, M.0422 418 272

Rafiq Hasan T. 9621 4687, M.0412 756 703                                               Samsia Solaiman T.9667 3245

Dalia Nilufar M.0422645525                                                                        Nehal Bari T.97168851, M.0423379111

Masood Chowdhury T.9603 2075, M.0433 211 668                                Saleha Nabi T.9695 1456, M.0421 123 607


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