Bangladesh Forum for Community Engagement

Dear community members,

 A forum will be launched soon to form a network of community volunteers who will be engaged in different activities beneficial to our community as well as to greater Australian community. Your active engagement is solicited. Brief information about the proposed forum is given below.

 The overall objective of the proposed forum is to:

-    promote understanding amongst our own community members

-   foster the development of Social capital and strong community networking.

-   show our community’s commitment to Australia.

 The proposed forum will:

-         Undertake different programs/projects for the benefit of children, youths, women, families, seniors of our community in Australia. The programs will be in the areas of education, health, environment, disability, ageing etc.  

-         Participate in different activities relevant to broader Australian community needs.

-         Contribute in different charitable, humanitarian and social welfare activities in Bangladesh.

 If you have any views or comments, please send it to the undersigned.

 The structure and programs for the new forum will be finalized after due consultations with community members. A community discussion meeting will be organized in the near future for this purpose.

 Dr. Abdul Haq

Tel: (02) 88160239 Mob: 0425 260 239

e-mail: abdulhaq@bigpond.net.au

 Community Engagement is the key for Community Development.

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