Good Morning Bangladesh - the annual fundraising program to raise funds for the Cancer Council NSW has successfully been organized at three different locations of Sydney this year. Money raised in different locations are as follows:
 .    Venue                                Date                         Amount raised (Final figure)
      Blacktown  10th year           9.May 2010                             $ 4176.65
      Lakemba     1st  year         23 May 2010                             $ 2160.00 
      Glenfield      5th  year         30 May 2010                             $ 1675.85
                                              TOTAL                                     $ 8012.50
Entire amount of
$8012,50 has already been deposited to Cancer Council account.
Thanks to all the members of Bangladesh Community living in Sydney for their support in raising funds for this noble cause.

With best regards,
Abdul Haq
On behalf of All the Organizers of Good Morning Bangladesh 2010



Blacktown-Hills Islamic Center (BHIC) organized Morning breakfast on Sunday 16th May 2010 at Quakers Hill Masjid premise to raise funds for the Cancer Council. By selling different food items , they have raised a total of $1257.10. Entire proceed without any deduction was donated to Cancer Council. This is the first time BHIC has organised such an event to raise funds for the Cancer Council. InshaAllah, every year BHIC will organize similar fund-raising programs on a regular basis to raise funds  for other noble causes. 
Abdul Haq
On behalf of BHIC
















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