Mobarak Hossain Khan Honoured in Sydney

On the 8th of December, 2007, a gathering was held in honour of Mobarak Hossain Khan. In this program Mr. Khan gave a speech about classical music, its history and its influence in Indian and Bangladeshi music. Mr Khan was DG in Shilpokalo Academy, Director of Bangladesh Radio, Chairman of the Nazrul Institute and Executive Director of the Human Development Foundation. He is also a famous “Surbahar” player. He did extensive research in classical music and has written over a hundred books to date. He has also been honoured with the highest State Awards of the country­ 'The Independence Day Award' (Shwadhinata Padak), 'Twenty-First February Award' (Ekushey Padak) and the 'Bangla Academy Literary Award' for his commendable contribution in the field of music. He has also been tributed with numerous other awards. His wife is a famous singer, Fauzia Khan. Mr Khan is currently visiting his son Tanim Hayat Khan(Rajit)  in Sydney

Mobarak Hossain Khan giving a speech.

Nasima Akhtar (Recitation & Hosting the program)

Kobita Parvez. (Recitation)

Dr. Qaiyum Parvez. (Recitation)

Bilkis Rahman. (Recitation)

Shaheen Shanewaz. (Recitation)

Tasfiqur Rahman. (Recitation)

Moazzem Hossain performing a Rabindra Sangeet.

Ismail Hasan Badol, Amia Matin and Rubina Hasan

Rashedul Kabir Sweety, Kabita Paveez and Qaiyum Parvez.

Rashedul Kabir Sweety and Amia Matin.

Three Generations together( Father, son & grand son)

Tanim Hayat Khan(Rajit) playing the Sarad.

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